Dr. Margaret O’Farrell has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. She is a qualified GP but moved to practice in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and specialises in Psychosexual Medicine.

Sexual health is a significant component of general wellbeing, as determined by the World Health Organisation. Difficulties with sex can affect us at any age and are much more common than you might think.

Qualifications: MBChB, JCPTGP, FECSM, DRCOG, DFFP, Dip IPM

I have been practicing medicine in Glasgow for over 20 years and have worked in the field of Sexual Health at The Sandyford in Glasgow for over 10 years.

I currently work at The Sandyford, within the Sexual problems Service, providing Psychosexual Therapy. I worked as a GP in Glasgow before joining The Sandyford. I specialise in Psychosexual Medicine, which entails the diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems,  using a brief form of therapy to help restore normal sexual function.

I use behavioural techniques, psychoanalytic skills, medical diagnostic skills and medication to treat the underlying causes of sexual problems. I have training from the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine and the European Society of Sexual Medicine.

My clinic is currently based at the Nuffield Hospital in Glasgow on Friday mornings.

Please note that I can help with sexual problems arising from sexual trauma but I do not provide counselling specifically to deal with the traumatic event itself.

Currently I see patients on Friday mornings at Nuffield Health Glasgow, 25 Beaconsfield Road, Glasgow G12 0PJ.

Initial appointments take 1 hour and cost £170.

Follow up appointments take 30 to 45 minutes and cost £110.

Unfortunately, private health insurance does not currently recognise sexual problems as a specialty and therefore do not cover the cost. I am hoping this will change in the future.

If you would like an appointment to talk to me about a sexual problems please contact me at enquiries@spg.scot, which is a secure end to end server. No emails or email forms are stored on this website or web server for you privacy.